• Ensure Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) is in order
  • Summary of requirements to place client in care
  • A summary of our preferred places in your preferred location
    • costs
    • quality of service
    • care facilities
  • Waiting list time and availability of care

Finding a place

  • Arrange site visit for preferred locations
  • Arrange interview with administrative contact and co-ordinator
  • Negotiate financial terms of placement on your behalf
  • Arrange and Finalise placement or placement on waiting list (placement is not guaranteed)
  • Ensure admission paperwork is completed correctly.
  • Arrange and define dates of entry, respite, and care commencement
  • Ensure facility has capability to provide care for client given any medical issues.


We assist clients complete the paperwork required on the transition into care.
This includes the aged care application forms, and also the Centrelink forms required by all residents moving into care.
Centrelink means testing forms are critical to reduce ongoing costs of care, and any significant financial changes should be updated to Centrelink to ensure ongoing costs of care are correct.

  • Failure to complete these forms will mean you are charged the maximum fees for the means tested assessment, currently Approx.. $225 per day.
  • Most clients are assessed at well below this rate, so failure to complete the forms will mean an extra $1,500 per week going to the Government until the annual cap of currently $28,049 is reached.
  • This is an expense that just should not be incurred, but unfortunately we have seen numerous instances of people paying this fee, and sometimes overpaying by $200 a day.