About Us

Total Aged Care Solutions was an idea formed initially out of the necessity of our clients.

Clients were looking for assistance in the transition of their loved ones to full time Residential Aged Care.

Given our background in the financial area, we were their most trusted adviser and they came to us for assistance first.

Clients needed assistance in finding a suitable location and arranging the placement of someone who required Residential care. They also then needed to work out the best way to arrange the finances to minimise the cost of aged care and to maximize any Centrelink benefits, and to make funds last as long as possible.

And so Total Aged Care Solutions was born to meet this need. We aim to make the transition to fulltime residential care as smooth as possible given the high emotions and the time constraints not only on you but on finding the most suitable place for someone you care about.

Total Aged Care solutions finds the right place for the right financial outcome for you and your family.

How it Works

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