I was well aware that the challenge of holding the Enduring Power of Attorney for an aged relative was at best, a huge responsibility and at the worst, somewhat of a nightmare. However when I was required to help my older Aunt into Residential Care that challenge became overwhelming. I was pointed in the direction of supposed ‘help’ many times – some was useful, but quite a lot was not useful at all. In fact much was simply time-wasting. In my busy management role at work, time was something I did not have. It did cost me a lot of time and effort – often simply in trying to understand what was required. And that is not to mention the responsibility to try to negotiate the way through what was a hugely expensive financial quagmire – using the finances that someone else had worked their whole life to acquire.

Then in the midst of it all – I managed to have a heart attack myself.  I was in Cardiac Care and yet I was still being harassed by the Residential Care service, which was seeking paperwork to be submitted and wanting monies to be paid. I can honestly say that the one thing that helped me through it all was to know that Kathryn Ryan and Paul Murphy were there to help me. Their calm, common-sense way of working through everything that was required, helped me to eventually find my way through the financial quagmire mentioned earlier – and out the other side.

Kathryn and Paul have sound expertise, skill, knowledge and understanding about every aspect of the complex Aged Care system. Their financial advice was practical, realistic and valuable. I am so very thankful that they were there to guide me and be a friendly support on the end on the phone -or in my offices – when we needed to chat. I am glad I have someone to recommend to my friends, some of whom will no doubt, one day find themselves in a similar situation.